If you've never seen the work of Bill Gekas, you're in for a treat: The Australian photographer creates gorgeous images that look like classic works of art. The beautiful model is none other than his daughter, Athena, who is now 5 years old.

"Potatoes," by Bill Gekas, posted with permission

Gekas' portraits are part Vermeer, with a dash of Goya and a pinch of Metsu.

"Although the photos aren't recreations of any particular painting," says Gekas, "I try to recreate the overall aesthetic the old masters' works were known for."

He's also inspired by Irving Penn and Diane Arbus.

"The Letter," by Bill Gekas, posted with permission

When Gekas blogs about his images, he goes into minute detail about his technique, the lighting, the tones, and the shutter speed. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the portraits, it's clear that this is an amazing bonding experience for father and daughter. Athena is shot lovingly, patiently and beautifully. Gekas, who is self-taught, has won a slew of awards and been published in a smattering of magazines. Despite the fact that her face is appearing in publications around the globe, we don't know much about Athena — and Gekas would like to keep it that way.

"Plums," by Bill Gekas, posted with permission

But just imagine how amazing it will be for Athena to look back on these images when she's older! This is a long way from creased, blurry snapshots. Few of us have such spectacular photographic artifacts from our childhood.

"Feline friend," by Bill Gekas, posted with permission

For more, visit BillGekas.com and Facebook.

"Pleiadian" and "Birdcage" by Bill Gekas, posted with permission

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