Raf Simons showed a delightfully surreal collection for Christian Dior that was partly inspired by Andy Warhol. The runway was sky blue and painted with clouds, and the set was dotted with enormous, pillowy silver clouds — which many fashion writers compared to Anish Kapoor's Chicago sculpture "Cloud Gate" (A.K.A. "the bean"), but which more directly referenced Warhol's 1966 work "Silver Clouds." Early Warhol drawings of shoes and women's faces, from his career as a commercial artist and illustrator for department stores, turned up on bags and dresses. As the models walked the runway, the big, silver forms bounced back distorted reflections of each look. There were some beautiful dresses and coats that followed a full-skirted, 1950s silhouette — classic Dior — and while some of the illustrated dresses were a little on the quirky side, plenty of these pieces would look right at home on a red carpet. The manicures were a pale, translucent pink, and the makeup was simple, with a clean face and matte fuchsia lips. (Remember the makeup from Jil Sander at the spring-summer, 2011, show? Basically Simons did that again.) The surreal element came out in some looks that took the staid, traditional herringbone pattern and distorted and reworked it as a knit. All in all, this collection was pretty gorgeous.