Jennifer Lawrence is a conventionally beautiful, famous, successful, 22-year-old Academy Award-winning actress with a nice rack and good hair. She's also crass without being offensive, self-deprecating without being a sad sack, and dorky without being "adorkable." Mostly though, she says funny shit and is always talking about how much she loves food and reality TV. She's like the best friend you never had.

1.) She's starving.
Not a lot of actresses talk about being hungry, maybe because it's just too real, since they haven't eaten much in the weeks leading up to wearing their Oscar gowns. Or maybe they're afraid that somehow talking about food will make them seem fatter? Or maybe they just think it's unladylike. Jennifer Lawrence clearly doesn't have these concerns, as her appetite was pretty much the only thing she talked about to every single person on the red carpet.

2.) She makes the best worst movie references.
While for many people films like First Wives Club isn't considered a classic, with easily recognizable dialogue, it is for anybody who grew up in an HBO household in the '90s. Death Becomes Her, Housesitter, Father of the Bride, Big Business, Baby Boom, and She-Devil would also be in their referential pop culture canon.

3.) She said, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" live on network TV while wearing couture.
Jennifer got so excited that someone wanted to talk about Dance Moms with her that she forgot herself for a minute.

4.) Her reaction to meeting Jack Nicholson.
It's candid moments like this where Jennifer really shines. Whereas robots like Natalie Portman would've been composed and polite or drama club presidents/school paper editors-in-chief/tennis team captains like Anne Hathaway would've feigned an overly gracious smile, nauseating hello, annoying, prayer-like hand gestures, Jennifer totally loses her cool and screams.

5.) She's a weirdo.
This is what she did with her face during a red carpet interview with CNN.

6.) She gives good advice.

7.) She's very relatable.

8.) She's very gif-able.

9.) She's OK with embarrassing other people.
At a Hunger Games red carpet event, she interrupted Josh Hutcherson's interview to ask him how his "rash" was going.

10.) She's OK with embarrassing herself.

11.) Basically she's perfect.
Mostly because she's not.