Does your canine companion need massage, laser therapy, acupuncture, weight loss help, and reiki treatments? Well, then, you probably live in Los Angeles, and since you do, there's a place you can take that spoiled mutt! However, the dogs they're treating at the 15-year-old Two Hands Four Paws are not exclusively Kim Kardashian pets*, they're also pups with serious injuries and health issues. Awww.

According to the Huffington Post:

One-eighth of the business' clientele are wheelchair-bound at some point in their therapy, explained founder Leslie McMahon to KTLA in the video above. For those dogs, water treadmills, swim sessions and massage therapy can strengthen injured limbs and loosen tight muscles. Other clientele include aging pets suffering from arthritis, torn ligaments or sore joints.

There's nothing like the image of an old dog getting massage to fill our wombs with tears. I WANT A BABY. OK, moving on.

The cutest event sounds like the "Sunday Fun Swims" for owners who want to swim with their fatty fat pets. Double awww.

Everyone in favor of a road trip, raise your paw (er, hand)!

*like she'd ever treat her pets that well.

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Image via WilleeCole / Shutterstock.