Michelle Obama had a new official portrait taken (which was released on the White House Flickr feed) and, though I didn't know this was possible, I think I want to hug her even more now. It's not as fierce and I-could-definitely-kill-you-with-my-hands as her 2009 portrait (plus no T-Jeff photo-bomb, boooooooo), but I have to say I really like this chillin'-out-maxin'-relaxin'-all-cool 2013 Michelle. It's like she's saying, "We secured this shit. We own this place now. Also, I love you." I LOVE YOU TOO, FLOTUS.

(Also, as Wonkette astutely points out, this is obviously an egregious misuse of taxpayer doughlarz because no white First Lady has ever had her picture taken or had bangs.)

Here's the new portrait:

And here's the 2009 version: