The people of Pico Truncado, Argentina bore witness to a not-so-touching Valentine's Day marriage this on Thursday when Edith Casas married the man currently incarcerated for killing her twin sister. Romance! Chalk candies! Long-con revenge plot?

Casas has been trying to marry Victor Cingolani (who's serving a 13-year prison sentence for killing her twin sister Johana more than two years ago) since December, when a local judge temporarily blocked the nuptials until Edith submitted to a psychological evaluation. Although Edith's mother insists that her daughter must be at least a little crazy to be have married her twin's alleged killer, but Judge Marcelina Orellana let the marriage happen because the 22-year-old isn't suffering from any psychological disorder and should be free to make her own strange, inscrutable adult decisions.

None of Edith's family members attended the ceremony, which took place at a civil registry office surrounded by protesters who can't seem to appreciate the fact that they're all witnessing a real-life telenovela unfold in front of them. Cingolani has maintained his innocence and is still in the process of appealing his conviction.

Woman Marries Twin Sister's Killer: Mob Protests Against Valentine's Day Wedding [Christian Post]


Image via Brad Thompson/Shutterstock.