Do you miss giving out Valentine's at school? No? You don't miss a mandatory activity that somehow managed to still hurt some feelings? Weirdo!

Well, now that you're an adult, you can reclaim the gifting of Valentine's Day cards by stocking up on these adorable versions and giving them to family members, friends, and co-workers who light up your life. Valentine's Day isn't (just) about couples, it's about honoring the people you love. Or it is now.

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, we (mainly) stuck to things you can print out, but some were too good to resist. Just order them now and give them out late, or next year. Or plaster your naked body with them this weekend and wait for that special Valentine to find you. You go, Glen Coco!

Arrested Developmentines
Maeby you want to give these to people you love the most?
Free! Just save and print on 8.5x11 paper. Cut into quarters and you're good to go! [Marisa Seguin]

You have the right to remain AMAZING.
$3/each or a set of 8 SVU Mini-Valentines for $12 + shipping [Brandon Bird]

Dogs are the best. In fact, maybe give these to a dog, if you want. Please note: Some people (smart ones) would love to receive these year-round.
$3/each [Jen Oaks]

Put yourself in the middle of this heart, and get ready to break some hearts of your own! Print your own for $5.99 [Etsy]

For Firefly fans; we know you're out there because you never shut up about it.
Free to print out! [Chelsea Davison]

Fuck Youentines
A large assortment of adorable valentines for the disgruntled.
Free to print out! [Valentines Shit]

Games of Thronesentines
Your Valentine will enjoy these if they enjoy the show.
$20, $40 for poster prints [Chris Bishop]