At 6'8", a 17-year-old Brazilian girl named Elisany de Cruz Silva—we wrote about her back in 2010—has a rare form of gigantism caused by a benign tumor in her ptuitary gland (which doctors have since removed). Since the age of 13, she's suffered from severe joint pain and migraines, and her lifelong aspirations of being a model have been roundly quashed as she's exceeded any industry standards in terms of height. (She's going to keep trying, she says.) She also got teased by classmates and was too tall to ride the school bus properly.

'I want her be like the other girls because I know she feels weird and sometimes wants to be like them," her mother Ana Maria Silva told the Daily Mail.


But Elisany says she's much happier now thanks to the positive influence of her new boyfriend Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, a construction worker who's 5'4". There's a one-and-a-half foot distance between them, but neither of them care. Their age difference, however, is of slight concern to me (he's 22) but let's move on.

Says Elisany: "The only thing that really affects us is when we hang out holding hands - it seems like he is my little brother or son. But I didn't choose him, God did."

And Francinaldo: "She is a beautiful person. She is tall but she is so pretty, with a beautiful face. I don't mind having a tall girlfriend. I feel free and relaxed as a person and don't care what people say."

As the Daily Mail puts it:

The pair are happy together and she loves nothing more than stooping to kiss him and giving him clothes from the top shelf which he cannot reach.

'Your love is lifting me higher: World's tallest teen girl towers over boyfriend as they take trip to Brazilian beach' [Daily Mail]