Man, this is the evening full of awful news. We're seriously gonna have to look at a lot of Squee after this bullshit. I'm queueing the kittens, don't worry!

But, first: Unethical profiteering from tragedy, the American Way!

This particular shit show comes in the form of Noel Alba, a 37-year-old Bronx woman, who the Department of Justice says set up a fake charity to collect donations for families of Sandy Hook victims. Seriously. She allegedly posed as the aunt of a slain child to solicit money via Facebook just hours after the shootings.


She used her Facebook account (under the name "Victorian Glam Fairies"?) to ask for funeral donations for her brother and other families. To liven up her story, she also claimed she was let into the school after the shootings to identify the body of her niece. The gig was up when a good samaritan interested in donating asked for more info, and it was hard to come by. Because, you know, it didn't exist.

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