Actually, that headline might make it sound like I believe this to be whack, when in fact, I believe it to be very fresh. But that's probably because I love Instagram so much. How the hell else am I going to show off my adorable niece and the double-dipped salted caramel and coconut donuts I just ate? Am I supposed to just share these moments with my family? I'm not not a machine!

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is experimenting withspecial balcony "tweet seats" to encourage audience members to engage with their productions in a new way. I'm not sure if it'll work — it might just lead to people compulsively checking Facebook and Instagramming the backs of people's heads — but if it did, it would be something to further experiment with. Perhaps actors could answer audience member tweets in post-show discussions? Or encourage friends and families to check out fresh-ass local theater? Yes, "fresh-ass local theater" is a phrase I just typed, I'm trying to make the theater sound cool and happening! Because it is! And this is why I don't work in marketing!

My BFF is a theater literary manager, and one of her jobs is to engage the community... I will report back when she lets me know whether this is whack or rad. I know she's always dreaming up new ways to lure the kids in, and I could see that, with the right play, this could be one of them.

Now, when are we gonna start seeing these things at the movies? Oh wait, that's called the whole damn theater. Kids these days!

Guthrie Offers First-Ever "Tweet Seats"

Image via Tyler Olson / Shutterstock.