After months, months of breathless waiting, I tell you, Jessica Simpson has revealed that she is, in fact, pregnant again. Finally! I will get a non-fitful night's sleep for the first time in many moons. Simpson, who gave birth just seven months ago to baby Maxwell Drew with her fiancé Eric Johnson, revealed the information in a joyful Christmas Day tweet involving the baby she already has and some sand.

Cute. Now everyone go wassail heartily! It's never too late. [People]

Mila Kunis on being voted Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive: "I don't know how to answer that question without sounding like an asshole. Either way, I am damned. It's a great honor, I think it's nice. "I don't Google myself, I don't know what people are saying and, frankly, I don't care."

"Just because one person online says you're fat or ugly or tall or short, that doesn't make it true. It's one person who's got nothing better to do. And it's the same for the one person who says you are beautiful, stunning, whatever. Skinny. Anything positive that is said that you are wanting to read, you should accept the negative because they go hand in hand. I would rather not accept anything. And it makes no difference." [The Sun]

Rihanna and Chris Brown made their first official public appearance together in years at a Lakers game on Christmas. They sat courtside, drank beer, laughed, and, if you believe the embellishment of one imaginative New York Daily News scribe, she "looked longingly" at him. [USA Today]

It's surprising that Katy Perry convinced John Mayer to spend Christmas in Santa Barbara with her family. It is a miracle of our time that she got him to spend the day volunteering at a local hospital, and I bet as they were driving home it was JUST like that scene from Cruel Intentions (Him: "Mrs. Sugarman's cool." Her: "Mrs. Sugarman's cool?")


"They've spent a lot of time together and really enjoy each other's company," says a source. "John is entirely focused on Katy." He got her a custom-made guitar for Christmas. She also Tweeted that creepy bedroom-eyes shot of him in the Santa outfit. [Daily Mail]

Forget coffee this morning, this headline should do it: "JAMES FRANCO — I've Been FISTED By A Porn Star!" James Franco has not, in fact, been fisted by a porn star, but he has embarked upon a top-secret project with adult director and actress Princess Donna Dolore, who is featured in Franco's upcoming movie Kink. Fisting is her thing, apparently. There are even t-shirts. [TMZ]

No big deal, but this picture of Bill Murray on the cover of GQ for January 2013 will make your year. [GQ]

  • Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston Christmased in Mexico. [Daily Mail]
  • Stills of a sex tape made by Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and two women in a Florida hotel room are currently circulating. [E!]
  • Wills n' K8 went to church. I like her coat. [Us Weekly]
  • The Odd Couple's Jack Klugman AND Charles Durning, Jessica Lang's onscreen dad from Tootsie, passed away. :-((((( [NYT]
  • Jay and Bey went to Bergdorf Goodmans for last-minute gifts and shocked all the old rich ladies there to buy yet another pair of caribou gloves. [Daily Mail]
  • "So depressing and Communist!" —Milla Jovovich Tweeted some photos of herself as a child in Russia. [Daily Mail]
  • Julianne Moore and her doppelgänger daughter Liv, 10, watched a Knicks game. [Us Weekly]
  • Brian Williams is quietly tiptoeing away from the hot mess that is Rock Center. [Page Six]
  • Bruce and Kris Jenner didn't sit next to each other at a Clippers game, and. [Page Six]
  • Demi Moore is annoyed that Ashton Kutcher very publicly filed divorce papers. [Page Six]
  • Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince were photobombed by a nude sunbather's schlong. [NYDN]
  • Lindsay Lohan paid off her taxes with the generous donation that Charlie Sheen's made to the Struggling Red-Haired Psychic-Punching Actress Fund. [TMZ]
  • A kid who got beaten onstage by Odd Future is still being threatened by the group's fans on the Internet. [TMZ]
  • Jesse James says some incoherent shit about the Second Amendment. [Radar Online]
  • Robin Wright might be dating Ben Foster. Weird. [Radar Online]