A survey of 2,000 British parents/consumers at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City (SHOUT OUT TO MY FAVORITE MALL), found that three to 12 year olds asked Santa for dads, dogs, chocolate, and a stick of rock, which I'm hoping means something other than a rock tied to a stick. Can an English person let me know? Because I'm starting to get really depressed.

Don't worry, a dad wasn't the most popular item, he came in tenth behind real-life reindeer, cars, and a baby brother or sister. I'm not sure if that makes me sadder or happier.

What else did kids want this holiday season?

Of the top 50 festive requests, 17 related to pets and animals, with some imaginative children hoping for a donkey, chicken and elephant.

iPhones and iPads also appeared on the list, with some quirky children asking for the moon, a time machine, a pond cover and beetroot. One child asked for Eva Longoria and another wanted Harry Styles from One Direction.

A request for a "mum" reached number 23 on the list.

If some of these children are disappointed Christmas morning, they can look forward to this dude retweeting them. It's like My Super Sweet 16 in there. Some girl straight-up tweeted that she was pissed her dad got her an iPhone. I had a Flintstones phone until I was eighteen so that girl needs to shove it.


A 'dad' is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children [Telegraph]

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