Heads up, adulterers: lock your phone or throw it in a toilet or something because you're hella gonna get busted on Christmas Day. Happy holidays, dumbasses!

[Divorce Lawyer] Ayesha Vardag, who has acted in a string of multi-million pound separations, said she has noticed a marked rise in the number of break-ups stemming from text messages and calls on Christmas Day.

She said that Christmas Day "text message bustings" had become an increasingly common feature in divorce cases as mobile phones have ceased to be a novelty and using them increasingly second nature.

Where once the task of proving suspicions might have involved hotel bills and checking for telltale perfumes on clothing, now a quick check of mobile phone histories and email accounts have become the norm.

Apparently cheaters haven't evolved with the technology yet. Give them a few years.

As for the reason people are caught more during the holidays, Vardag says, "Husbands will go off and call the mistress and then the wife will wonder where they were or who they were calling, they will either find the number on there or the text message."

I guess when you're living a double life, it's more difficult on days you're supposed to spend with your family. Makes sense, mistresses and uh, what's the word for a male mistress? A kept man? Ugh, this is just making me feel dirty. Like how linguist Julia Penelope located 220 English words meaning "promiscuous woman," but found only 20 for "promiscuous man." Predictable, but creepy and depressing nonetheless.


Adulterers beware: Christmas Day the peak time for 'text message bustings' [Telegraph]

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