After apparently being victimized in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, rom-com thespian Hugh Grant has, according to the Associated Press, received a "substantial" settlement from the now-defunct muckraking organization. Grant's lawyer Mark Thompson briefly told the media that the actor's claim arose from "the unlawful activities of News of the World journalists and others over a number of years."

Several other celebrities (such as Elle MacPherson) had been tied up in the News of the World phone-hack scandal, though those celebrities weren't in Notting Hill, and that was a pretty charming movie. Hugh Grant, therefore, despite rumors that he's a dick, is ideally positioned to reap as much public sympathy from the phone-hacking scandal as possible, or would have been if Notting Hill hadn't come out more than a decade (!) ago.

Hugh Grant reaches settlement in phone-hacking scandal [USA Today via AP]