What senseless task did you occupy yourself with on this pre-holiday Saturday? Probably something boring and unimportant, unless it was in anyway related to cookie-making — in that case, you can mail my cookies to a P.O. Box in El Paso where my Texas cookie retriever (which is just a Labrador retriever that eats cookies) will collect them. Speaking of dogs, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, lovers, co-stars, and generally symmetrical humans, went puppy browsing at a Beverly Hills pet store. It was magical.

Will the couple buy a puppy to have just in time for the holidays? Maybe! Nobody really knows. What we do know, however, is that Garfield was apparently dressed in his Santa's Helper finest — he wore green pants and a red shirt to look at puppies with Stone. All the puppies laughed at him and it was super embarrassing.

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