Although it's already been established by both tabloids and fashion magazines that essentially all womenā€”from Taylor Swift to Gabourey Sidibeā€”are "curvy," ABC News has decided that instead of the word being a lazy, catchall polite descriptor, it's actually a trend. Maybe.

With the Onion-worthy headline "Curvy Women: Hollywood's Hot Trend That Might Last," the news site lauds "the rise of full-figured women" with a slideshow of famous women of varying body types that basically screams: "LOOK AT THESE FAT CHICKS!" Or at the very least, it bitchily elbow-nudges you while hissing: "Not thin enough."

Included in the roundup are Lady Gaga, who is by most accounts a very thin woman with an admitted eating disorder; Melissa McCarthy, who is definitely plus-sized; and Jessica Simpson who is pregnant. Pregnant! Because nothing says "breaking the mold of conventional Hollywood beauty" like gestation! The only things these women's bodies have in common is that they are alive.


The most ridiculous (and saddest) part of the piece, though, is that it posits that anything that remotely deviates from Ally-McBeal-rib-sporting-you-in-danger-girl thinness is "cutting edge" or a fad that "might last," when in fact, it's simply just normal.

"These women are particularly bold," a woman from The Hollywood Reporter tells ABC News. Yes, women are so courageous to do things like exist at a certain dress size. I mean, I guess it is kind of daring to be the type to wear Spanx. Things could get messy, peeing through that hole if you aren't careful.

But the weirdest thing is that the piece is supposed to be about how being "curvy" is a trend, when all it does is repeatedly mention that the celebrity women in the roundup have been "slammed by critics" for their body types. So is it a trend or not? I doubt it. As long as we're still compelled to say stuff like, "but she isn't even fat" about women (who aren't even fat!) then we're totally not cool with being fat. Or curvy or whatever the fuck we're calling it.


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