Apparently gun shops are doing brisk business in the wake of the shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. The Tampa Bay Times reports:

At least one local gun shop owner said buyers are particularly seeking assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, which were used by Adam Lanza, the shooter in the Connecticut tragedy, and are likely to become the target of gun control proposals.

And it's not just Florida, actually:

The Hyatt Gun Shop in Charlotte, N.C., racked up more than $1 million in sales Tuesday for the best single-day performance since the store opened in 1959, according to Justin Anderson, director of online sales. Topping the list was the Bushmaster AR-15, the model used at Newtown that sells for as much as $4,000 and had almost sold out, he said.

Click the source link for some sobering statistics about numbers of buyers. USA. USA.

[Tampa Bay Times]

Image via Katherine Welles/Shutterstock.