If you're to believe every jewelry store ad that's graced daytime TV, men propose to women with diamonds. Anything less, and you're a Sad Sack Who Doesn't Deserve Love. However, the times, they are a-changin'. Well, at least in Park Slope, where engaged couples are bargain shopping for rings that aren't necessarily diamond-riffic. That's because everyone in Brooklyn saw the documentary Blood Diamond was based on and are better/more right than you.

JK, that's only part of the reason ‚ÄĒ men and women now want affordable, special rings that might be vintage and feature stones less beautiful (I SAID IT) than the boring-ass diamond. Cool, cool.

Also, apparently men and women are shopping for the engagement ring together now, it's no longer the bumbling bro in a china shop. Good call. After all, if someone is going to own me, I at least want a say in what the tracking device looks like!

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Image via Sydneymills / Shutterstock.