From San Francisco, the sex and technology capital of the United States, which I can say because I live here and I am the apex of both sex and technology, comes a combo vibrator/flash drive that will both get you off and hold an entire season of Arrested Development! Technology, you're the greatest.

Crave, the company behind this genius sex toy/storage stick (ha!), say the orignal idea was just to have a USB port so users could charge it by computer, eliminating the need for cords and batteries. However, "a bunch of the testers asked: ‘Can we store stuff on this?' " said Michael Topolovac, a co-founder of Crave and a Stanford graduate who has founded two previous start-ups, one building underwater cameras and the other cloud computing software.

Mr. Topolovac said testers and others explained that they would like to use vibrator memory to store private material - not just erotic files, but documents. Users can remove the vibrating part at the top, he said, and be left with what might pass at a Starbucks as just a fancy flash memory stick. "I use it for my V.C. presentations," he added.


As for what's next from Crave, next year promises memory and wireless capability. You kow, to control the device. Long distance relationships, you're on watch.