Whether it was celebrities on the red carpet, Olympic athletes, or in various social networking feeds, nail art was everywhere this year. Here, we compile our favorites from Zooey's infamous tuxedo mani to Ke$ha's pretty penis tips and everything in between.

Earlier this year at the Golden Globes, Zooey Deschanel sparked a trend with her tuxedo nails. Her nail art remained consistently twee throughout 2012, with lots of bows and hearts and stripes and such.

A longtime fan of elaborate gel manicure nail art, Katy Perry worked a lot of theme nails this year, like for the red carpet premiere of her 3D movie Part of Me, her Obama nails on election day, and her Daria nails.

Ke$ha's tasteful, flowery penis nails; Rihanna's $100 bill manicure.

Rita Ora had an intricate red lace look, created by Sophie Harris-Greenslade of The Illustrated Nail, to go with her MTV EMAs look. Amber Rose had an ode to junk food.

It's hard to pick the best of New York-based nail artist Naomi Yasuda's work from 2012, since everything she does is amazing. After Beyoncé put these tribute nails on her Tumblr, it got picked up by the local papers. Clockwise from top left: Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Vampira-inspired, ice cream cones, money-cure, Lisa Frank nails.

Some of the best work of London-based nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade of The Illustrated Nail, including her Unknown Pleasures-inspired work.

London-based artist Nancy McNails killed it this year.

Some of the best nail art this year came from great inspiration. Clockwise from left: Madrid-based Ghetto Nailz's Boy London look; Brooklyn-based artist Fleury Rose's Yayoi Kusama nails; and Amy Vega's Freddie Mercury-inspired nails.

In a feat of nail art imitating a botched attempt at art, L.A.'s Madeline Poole added a fresco Jesus to her typically sophisticated repertoire.

The best of self-taught Vancouver-based nail artist Rawr Nailed.

Melbourne-based nail artist Clara H.'s sweet florals.

With their book launch and various pop-up stores, this year was a big one for WAH Nails.