In last night's Miss Universe pageant — held in the historic international city of Las Vegas — a particular look was favored: Tanned beige skin, dark hair. Miss Peru, Miss Hungary, Miss Russia and were finalists.

Miss St. Lucia, Miss Guyana and Miss Ghana were not.

But Miss Brazil, Miss France and Miss Venezuela were.

No love for Miss Bahamas, Miss British Virgin Islands, or Miss Haiti.

Sunny blondes Miss Australia and Miss South Africa were the deviations from the look; Miss South Africa was the only African country chosen to be a finalist. Perhaps since Angola's Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011, was the first second blackAfrican Miss Universe, the organizers felt there was no need to recognize a black woman this year?

Anyway! The evening gown competition was… interesting. Miss Mexico wore a fiery red circus-trainer-mauled-by-tiger getup. Miss Philippines wore a shimmery cupcake wrapper. And Miss Venezuela wore a postmodern Christmas tree skirt.

Miss Brazil, Miss France and Miss South Africa were silver belles.

Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Russia were in red, white and blue — just like their flags.

Tan skin and dark hair wins! Congrats to Miss USA, who now rules the Universe.