In a sportive and impish exchange of verbal daggers, Adam Levine promised—in mixed company!—that he will transform the ass of fellow Voice judge Blake Shelton literally into grass! Then he skipped away in his sailor suit licking a giant lollipop.

"It does feel good," Blake manages to say about winning two seasons in a row before Adam interrupts the interview and finishes his answer for him: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I won twice, blah, blah!"

When Blake teases that "he's already dreading season four," Adam issues quite the threat! "Your ass is f—king grass. It's f—king on," he promises. "It's a bloodbath next season. I'm talking your tall country ass down!" Of course, their fight ends in laughs and with Blake confessing he didn't hear anything his fellow coach said as he was too distracted by his bowtie!

Tee hee tee hee tee hee tee tee hee hee hee hee hee hee tiddle tiddle tee tee heeeeeeeeee! [E!]

Here's T.I. talking about the Sandy Hook shooting:

"I just feel like children are off-limits because they perfect, they ain't done nothin', they ain't did nothin' and to cut the lives off of so many young future- [they] could've been future anything," he said. "Their opportunity was cut short, behind just some cowardness. I think that needs to be addressed in a major way."

For many, the Sandy Hook shooter, 20-year old Adam Lanza, with his boyish looks, didn't exactly look like a killer. T.I. warns against stereotyping though. "I just really believe you can't judge a book by its cover and right now you may have a stereotype in your mind of what danger looks like. But to be honest with you, in recent history, the look of danger has changed," he said.

This has been T.I. talking about the Sandy Hook shooting. [MTV]

Taylor Swift accompanied Harold Styles and his ironic Rush shirt to the child tattoo parlor to acquire a permanent pirate ship on his arm because he is permanently into pirates:

Harry is hardly a stranger to ink. He's got a number of tattoos scattered on his body. MTV News spoke to one of his tattoo artists, Kevin Paul, who opened up about Styles' tattoo philosophy. He said, "Harry has more personal things, like he has little things for his mom and all that kind of stuff. They're all pretty different on what they have, like their ideas. He hasn't got proper tattoos. They're just scattered around. I think as he gets older he will want proper pieces and he'll have all these little pieces."

Oh, children. Children getting tattooed. I suppose a pirate ship is pretty okay, as youthful tattoos go. When I was 18 I remember being really, really sad that I was never going to get to see Sublime in concert. Luckily I'm a needlephobic prude. So. Bullet dodged. [MTV] [Instagram]

To celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ, son of God, who died for our sins, Courtney Stodden got you her mons pubis. It sees you when you're sleeping. [E!]

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  • That kid who "swatted" Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber is only 12 years old and now Honorable Judge Paul Provenza has sentenced him to kid prison. [TMZ]