We all know that at this point, the only reason we own books is to make sure guests know we own books. Or, in some cases, that we can read. If you're one of those pretentious d-bags who judges a date by the content of their bookshelves, come sit next to me and let's read in silence because we're kindred spirits.

If you want to make sure that you have the best looking bookshelf in town, get into these new Drop Cap Classics from Penguin. Designed by Jessica Hische — a San Francisco-based artist who created the Moonrise Kingdom titles — these gorgeous collectors items are just $14 each on Amazon, and I'm ordering them all. Admittedly, that last sentence was very HSN, and I apologize, but when I like something, I like something, and I won't shut up until I talk about it so much that I make myself and everyone around me hate it. Livin' la vida loca!

But, really, these are tops, get 'em all before I do.

Paul Buckley, VP Executive Creative Director at Penguin, says, "The theme [of the series] is to create an object. I designed the series to be a full spectrum on your shelf — that is, if you purchase all 26 books." Dammit, that means I have to buy 25 more of these things? FINE, TWIST MY ARM. I guess I'll move my Troubled Celebrity Autobiographies (is there any other kind?) to the garage and rotate the new guys in — better to have books live in darkness than to have people think I can't read!

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