Oy vey, talk about fuckery. It's been over a full year since 27-year-old singer Amy Winehouse's cause of death was ruled to be accidental alcohol poisoning with the coroner's report classifying her untimely demise was a "death by misadventure," meaning that no illegal drugs were found in her system nor were there any signs of law breaking or criminal negligence surrounding her death. Unfortunately, however, Suzanne Greenaway, the assistant deputy coroner who conducted Winehouse's examination, has recently resigned over her lack of the proper qualifications needed to fill the post (she was appointed by her husband Andrew Reid, a fellow London coroner, who has since resigned as well).

In light of this new information and the possible mistakes committed by Greenway, London officials have now decided to hold a new inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse on January 8th. A Winehouse family spokesman has made it clear that this is not something that they have requested and that the coroner's office is working independently.

It seems unlikely (though not impossible) that the inquest will uncover any new or useful information. Knowing Winehouse's very public struggles with addiction makes alcohol poisoning seem like a fairly safe bet for her cause of death so what will the death probe accomplish other than to upset her family and fan base and maybe prove that she was in fact using a harder, more illegal substance than alcohol? I suppose there's always the chance of foul play, but, under these particular circumstances, the inquest seems like little more than a waste of resources and a chance (though I doubt this is the London coroner's intention) to further sully an already battered reputation.

Luckily, for fans like me, it's damn unlikely that anything they uncover could change the way we feel about her or her music so, rather than fret, let's just put on our headphones and turn up the volume.


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