Roopa Vasudevan, a graduate student in New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, used cross-stitch to represent women's voting patterns in this year's presidential election. Her work, currently on display in New York, is a series of embroidered panels, one for each of 11 chosen states. In each panel, the number of colored stitches corresponds to the percentage of women voters who voted for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, respectively. Vasudevan used CNN exit poll data as her source. She designed the cross-stitch patterns herself and did the embroideries by hand.

Her project is called "All-American Girls," and Vasudevan wrote to tell us that it was partially inspired by our own "How To Make Your Own Naughty Cross Stitch" DIY post from November. I love that Vasudevan took such a traditional, gendered craft as cross-stitch and used it to represent data on women's political engagement. Her project juxtaposes the domestic and the political, the private and the public, and it does it very subtly and well.

You can see more of Vasudevan's embroideries here. If you're feeling crafty and/or political, she has also made the patterns she designed available for free download here.

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