Gay people aren't destroying the sanctity of marriage, divorced people are! Don't worry, they're mad at themselves, too.

According to the Telegraph, almost six out of 10 people in Britain believe that there aren't enough legal hurdles to stop couples from divorcing. The study, conducted by ICM Research on behalf of London law firm Pannone, found that "two thirds of those polled thought that infidelity by one or other spouses is the main cause of relationship breakdown, ahead of money worries, children or housework."

All pretty standard, right? But the problem is that of the 2,000 people polled, 57 per cent agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that "it is too easy to divorce these days."

Women were slightly more inclined to agree with the statement than man – 59 per cent against 55 per cent, and, significantly, most young people aged 18 to 24 also agreed.

And while 58 per cent of the sample who are currently married agreed with the statement, so too did 56 per cent of those who are divorced themselves.

Hmm... I wonder what happened there? Is it simply that hindsight is 20/20, and they wish they'd tried a bit harder to make it work with a philandering ex? Or is that the "grass is always greener" and perhaps they don't remember how shitty it was with the philandering ex? Poetaytoe, Pohtahtoe?

Divorcées, let's rap.

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