Pippa Middleton, esteemed author of a ho-hum party-planning book and architect of what is widely seen as an aesthetically-pleasing hiney, might very well sign on as an official royal correspondent with NBC's Today Show, where can she look forward to creepy comments from Matt Lauer and endless quips from Al Roker about the dreary British weather.

The Mirror reports gleefully that a shadowy U.S. source believes that NBC is courting Pippa, and may be preparing to offer the famous-by-proxy party planner $600,000 to make up to 20 appearances a year covering such as the Chelsea Flower Show and the opening of Buckingham Palace for the American public. If six figures seems like an awful lot of money for Pippa — whose poor book sales might have ruined her shot at continued relevance had her sister's uterus not sprung into heir-producing action — just remember that America is fascinated by the fact that the good and decent people of the British Isles have as yet been unable to exorcise their parasitic royal family from the government ledger. I mean, seriously you guys — monarchies went out of style in the 18th century.


Rest assured, though, that despite her close ties to the Royal Family, if she got the Today gig, Pippa wouldn't report on any intimate royal news, such as Will and Kate's move to London or time between her sister's contractions. It's simply not the done thing.

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