Last night at the New York premiere of On The Road, Kristen Stewart continued her Tour de Sheer Ensembles, reveling in Faux Nudité. As you may recall, Le Stew wore a lacy sheer gown to the LA premiere of Twilight and a see-through lace jumpsuit to the UK premiere of that movie. But for Jack Kerouac, Kizzle Stizzle broke out a see-through skort. Let's take a closer look at the other Ms. Stewart and the rest of the sloppy new bohemians, shall we?

First let's look at some of the dapper dudes. Rob Buckley wears a sharp, modern suit quite well.

Sal Paradise — real name Sam Riley — effortlessly oozes sophisticated British ennui in a subtly cutting edge suit: One button! Lapels as slender as Kate Moss!

Dreamy dreamboat Garrett Hedlund is slightly more traditional in midnight blue. Have you seen those pix of him in Interview magazine? Scruffy, yes, but in the best possible way, the stuff teenage dreams are made of.

Dig the geometric pattern and groovy hemline on TV correspondent Nicole Lapin.

Emily Meade is so 90s I actually hear the Melrose Place theme song when I look at these photos. Oh wait, this is an episode of Wings and it's a rerun.

Ummmmm....... Kirsten Dunst. In theory, a suitdress, or a dress that's a blazer/coat at the top and then a skirt on the bottom sounds okay, maybe even Hildy Johnson-esque? But the fabric is so heavy and the proportions don't seem right. And fishnets with sandals and beachy hair? Yeesh. Makeup looks good at least.

And here we have Ms. Kristen Stewart, in a Veg-O-Matic getup. It's a bra! It's shorts! It's a romper! It's skorts! It's a dress! It slices! It dices! Clean up is a breeze. Call right now and get a pair of too-big shoes, yours free, just pay shipping and handling.

She doesn't look bad — the eyeliner is great. Just a really weird outfit.

Kiki and Krissy!

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