You guys, you gotta get over to Twitter, Ann Coulter is seriously freaking out at See's Candies. OK, it was a little earlier today, but it's still really great — she's suuuuuuper pissed. You see, Ann Coulter wants her xmas candy and she wants it NOW. See's Candies website is apparently misbehaving, and she's not is NOT having it.

But the thing is, Sees has an entire Christmas section, and I had no problem ordering something from it just now. Maybe it's because the section is not marked "xmas" and she got confused? Or maybe the ordering system has become intelligent and is rejecting her crazy ass — they prefer to keep their nuts IN the chocolate. BOOM! Roasted.


Oh, and the best part? This wasn't even her fight to begin with, she just stuck her nosy-ass face in there because she wanted to talk shit on Warren Buffet. Amazing.