Last night at the Seventh Annual Women of Worth Awards in New York, celebs gathered to "celebrate everyday women who are making a beautiful difference in the world." And sure, L'Oréal Paris recognizes these women for their extraordinary efforts and supports these inspiring women through grants but this is a fashion column so let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of what everyone wore, shall we?

Brights are always fun on the red carpet and bring a jolt to dreary winter days but Randi Zuckerberg's neon yellow print with opaque tights is better in theory than in reality.

Chic in black: news anchor Sade Baderinwa; singer Trisha Yearwood.

CON: This dress is kind of dull. PRO: Muted tones let Soledad O'Brien's smile shine. Love the boots.

Is it the wrong season for Jessica Seinfeld's floral print? So into the structured seams and pockets. Sharp, modern, pretty.

An elegant eggplant sequin column dress really suits Andie MacDowell.

The glittery black and red zig zag dress on Allison Williams is reminiscent of some cool competitive gymnastics leotard. The length bothers me a teeny tiny bit, but she looks good. Really good.

Representing for The Ugly is, well, WTF IS THIS. Actress/athlete Aimee Mullins is lovely, and the folds and pleats on this thing are interesting, but look away and look back and ask yourself if you see a woman in a kimono made from a Tootsie Roll wrapper. Or wait, is it like the tray left behind after you plow through a box of chocolate? Mmm, chocolate.

Best dressed: Julianna Marguilies. Maybe it looks like a she wrapped a fancy beach towel wrapped around herself, but I love the vivid colors, the easy simplicity, the eye-catching clutch, the Guggenheim-esque cuff. Beautiful!

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