Shop is an experiment from the biz minds at Jezebel (so to be clear, this is not editorial). Every once in awhile, we'll bring you content about unique products or stores. Today's contributor is Erica Cerulo from Of a Kind, an NYC-based startup that curates products from fresh, independent designers.

The process of Amazon-ing all of your holiday gifts feels the opposite of special-even with free super-saver shipping.

And that's exactly why you should get yourself over to Of a Kind: Everything on the site, started by my college pal Claire and I in 2010, is limited-edition and made by an up-and-coming designer just for us. Hell, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the person who made it-which serves as proof to your loved ones that you went out of your way for them.

Shop now through Sunday, December 9, and use the code OFAKINDLOVESJEZEBEL for a whole 20% off. Now you don't even have to go searching the internet for a coupon code.

Check out 11 of our holiday picks below.

Jigsaw Wavy Hats
Odds are that your winter coat is some boring neutral color. These appealingly nutso ALL Knitwear hats — knit in Brooklyn — will spice things right up. Buy for $44 $35 with code.

Andromeda Necklace
I'm obsessed with how the chain becomes part of the design of this Nettie Kent necklace. Special to the nth. Buy for $84 $67 with code.

Union Thread Socks Trio
Socks don't have to be a lame dad gift, ok? This Richer Poorer three-pack is where it's at. And though they're technically for dudes, they fit ladies too. Buy for $48 $38 with code.

Metallic Paisley Camera Strap
If someone's gone ahead and invested in a pretty camera, she probably ought to have an equally jazzy means of transporting it, c/o Sarah Frances Kuhn of SFK. Buy for $88 $70 with code.

Qbert and Giraffe Leather Lighter Cover Set
Who needs a set of leather lighter covers by Matt Singer? Ok, no one. But the real question is who wants one? Buy for $40 $32 with code.

Dover Bracelet
The gold box chain and leather combo of this Flutter by Jill Golden bracelet are so rockin' here-in a way that appeals to both roommates and grandmas. Buy for $130 $104 with code.

Yes, Deer Tie
This knit tie from The Knottery is for the guy who wishes he could fill his apartment with taxidermy. But it has something a pair of antlers lacks: subtlety. Buy for $45 $36 with code.

Rock Climbing Tote
Kyle Ng of Farm Tactics combines climbing rope and digitized camo, and somehow this bag is awesome, not insane. It's one of those sturdy totes that makes carrying everything-books, groceries-better. Buy for $88 $70 with code.

Little Studs Collection
Oh, what's this? Fine jewelry?! These Blanca Monrós Gómez ruby and sapphire studs are meant to be worn every day, for years and years. Buy for $260 $208 with code.

Baseball Henley Tee
If you know a boy who won't take off that GD chambray shirt-we probably all do, at this point-add this hyper-cozy Fischer henley to the mix. Buy for $90 $72 with code.

Solar Sweatshirt
Is there any such thing as a dressy sweatshirt? Well, now there is. This Family number will make anybody's NYE festive. Buy for $88 $70 with code.

Shop now through Sunday, December 9, and use the code OFAKINDLOVESJEZEBEL.