Recently Ashley Judd spoke to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about possibly running for Senate in 2014. Alternatively, she might wait until 2016 to go up against Kentucky Republican and spawn of Ron Paul, Rand Paul. State Democratic senator Rep. John Yarmuth says that Judd's beyond your average pompous Hollywood liberal: "[Judd] is doing all the things that a serious candidate exploring a race should do... I think there are a lot of people, and I was one of them, who wanted to let her know that her candidacy would be an exciting prospect for us... A lot of the labor unions, they were telling me that too." So, hey, Bluegrass State, the lady from Heat might be your competent future senator. (She did write a kickass feminist essay earlier this year!) [Politico]

Judd recently spoke at an Indiana Planned Parenthood event. When asked how to approach Indiana's Republican Gov.-elect Mike Pence, a vehement anti-choicer, she replied: "With a hazmat suit." [Indy Star]

Nick Lachey choked a guy at a San Diego Chargers v. Cincinnati Bengals game and called the guy's girlfriend a "fucking bitch." See, the guy was wearing a specific Chargers player's jersey, and when Lachey said something negative about that particular player, the guy's girlfriend said "Well, he lasted longer than your boy band." SPORTS!


I guess the cast of Les Miserables, still theater kids at heart, blow off steam via cabaret and karaoke: Hugh Jackman gave Amanda Seyfried a birthday lapdance while Anna Wintour watched "with a smile on her face" (shudder). And before filming, Russell Crowe arranged a karaoke night for all of them. As Anne Hathaway describes it: "You have not lived until you see something as adorable as Amanda [Seyfried] wearing a green Kermit suit rapping to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself.'" So none of us have ever lived and eventually we will all die. [Page Six, Female First]


Sarah Hyland, who plays troubled tween star Ariel Winter's big sister on Modern Family, is concerned for her well-being: "Ariel is like a little sister to me. I love her to death and try to talk to her every week at least [or] I try to text her because we haven't been working right now. I just want the best for her... I'm just trying to watch out for her. [E!]

Back in the '70s, Marlon Brando tried to fuck Barbra Streisand. "He wanted to go to the desert to see the wildflowers... He wanted to stay overnight. I said, ‘No, I don't know you well enough.'" [Page Six]


  • Daniel Radcliffe does not like when he has breaks between movies. [Firstpost]
  • Someone threw a bra at Harry Styles onstage. [Daily Mail]
  • We're calling him and Taylor Swift "Haylor" now. Sigh. [TMZ]
  • Tails was also honored at the Kennedy Center by her ex Conor Kennedy's family. [Hollywood Life]
  • Princess K8 Middletonia is having really bad morning sickness. [NYDN]
  • Hey, and they want Snooki's advice about how to be pregnant, right? THOT SO. [MTV]
  • Angelina Jolie says she's going to give up acting to spend more time with her kids. [Daily Mail]
  • Ke$ha. Just like, mostly Ke$ha. [Daily Mail]
  • Dustin Hoffman is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. [TMZ]
  • Shakira's being sued by an ex boyfriend for $100 million. [E!]
  • Kylie Minogue: surprisingly concerned with aging. [Daily Mail]
  • Want a picture of Bey's circa-Blue Ivy baby bump? Well, you are in luck. [Daily Mail]
  • Rose McGowan went blonde and kind of looks like Joan Allen in The Ice Storm now. [People]
  • Model Marisa Miller posed nude and very pregnant-ly. [People]
  • This would be Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. [Us Weekly]
  • Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio are not players, they just fuck a lot, etc. [Page Six]
  • Leo has also been out and about with Orlando Bloom's wife, model Miranda Kerr. [NYDN]
  • Henry Cavill wears handcuffs in the first poster for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. [Deadline]