Last night at Trevor Live, Katy "I Kissed a Girl" Perry was honored as a Trevor Hero. As you may know, The Trevor Project is a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. Hooray for that! And hooray for some of the chic little outfits seen on the red carpet.

Ashley Fink, we miss you on Glee! Dig that art deco-ish necklace.

Glee peeps in somber colors: Jane Lynch, Jenna Ushkowitz, cutie pie Chris Colfer, and Samuel Larsen, aka Swoony McSwoonerson.

Looking rakish in gray with a splash of purple: Zachary Quinto, Revenge's Gabriel Mann.

Is Whitney Cummings's dress too long? Or is that a good length? It looks nice, so whatever. Perfect lip color, too.

What's higher: Jessica Sanchez's hair or heels?

A whisper-soft, delicate, periwinkle dress looks gorgeous on Anna Kendrick, but a brighter pink lip would bring some more color to her face.

So many fug things about what guest of honor Katy Perry is wearing. Hate the hair — the braid looks pasted on, the fringe in her eyes looks messy. The dress is yet another sheer/illusion/pale/nude/flesh-toned sparkle thing, with the added disadvantage of being too long and ill-fitting, like she bought spangly panty-hose in the wrong size. It's thisclose to being a circus performer's discarded foundation garment. And that lizard purse shaped like an apple? Gag.

Another pale/skin-toned dress, this time on Zoe Saldana. Sometimes she picks absolutely stunning gowns. This is not that time.

Neon lips and embroidered butterflies for Beth Behrs. Cute.

It's not mistake that Kat Graham rhymes with daaaaaaaaaaamn. Me-ouch! The nails, the hair, the lashes, the dress… She's dressed to kill. Or, at the very least, maim. A+!

Yes, Brittany Snow, you may also have an A+. The shoes are beyond fantastic.

Big hair and sequins: Kristin Chenoweth goes for pageant-y, and does a great job.

So, even though I think it woud be better if there were only one bow on the back of Sarah Hyland's dress, she looks adorable. Perky pink is perfect for her skin tone, the bun is pretty, and the eyes are amazing. Sometimes it's nice to see a pretty dress not weighed down with a bunch of accessories… and I say this as a dedicated maximalist.

Really, really spectacular eyeliner and lashes! Jealous.

Another nice bun and some groovy shoes on Christa B. Allen.

Simple, but not boring: Aubrey Plaza in black and gold.

Ashley Madekwe is flawless in shoulder-baring steely gray dress with wine-colored lips and nails. This is my second favorite look of the night.

Here's my number one: Rashida Jones in a cobalt blue suit with candy pink heels and a collared printed blouse. Bright, happy, unique, memorable, comfortable, cool, daring, bold, awesome. And not a nude/pale/illusion mesh dress!!!

Amy Poehler's listed on the Trevor Live program as being the "Celebrity Voice of God." No argument here.

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