Look, we all know that you're with Idris Elba, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy. In other words: Your dream man. And even though, since he has you, he has everything, you still want to give him a present at the holidays. What do you give a guy like that? Here are a few ideas.

How about a secret stash spot? I bought one of these hollowed-out books for my brother, and he uses it all the time, especially while traveling. You can get them just plain hollow, or, like this one, with a flask already inside. Hitting the books has a whole new meaning. Hollow book safe with flask $55, Secret Safe Books.

With this stainless steel bottle opener, your man always has an ace up his sleeve.

Ace of Spaces bottle opener, $12, Furbish.

Admit it: He would love to tap into his inner Howling Wolf/Bob Dylan.

Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica, $39, American Musical Supply.

Or perhaps you wish he'd serenade you with a ukulele? Luna tattoo pineapple soprano ukulele, $69, Amazon.

How about something you both can enjoy? Like cozying up by the fireplace, even if you live in an apartment… or in the Caribbean.


Freestanding portable lightweight "Metropolitan" indoor fireplace $160, Anywhere Fireplaces.

Disaster preparedness is all the rage right now, and of course, your beloved is on top of it, but just in case: Here's a rechargeable flashlight that never needs batteries. They claim one minute of cranking produces 20 minutes of light, but since your dude has such rippling arms, it'll be about half that. He also might like a solar-powered mini lantern?

Crank mini-flashlight, $17.95, LL Bean.

Rumor has it he loves barbecue. How about some sumptuous sauces? $8.78 each, Stubb's BBQ.

Of course, if he's too busy to cook, just have some delicious heat-and-eat delivered.

Award Winning Texas Style Baby Back Ribs, $58.95, Pig of the Month.

It's sexy how much your man loves his dog. Why not show him you think George is awesome, too? Put that dog's adorable face in a 8x10 inch custom vintage pet portrait! $49.99, Hot Digital Dog.

George might also look great in a personalized leather collar. $50, Mesa Dreams.

You both think a stiff cocktail after work is just plain civilized. These will make him chuckle. "Good Grief" glasses — as in the five stages of — $28 for a set of two, Set Editions.

Need something to put in the glasses? Why not go organic? Coming soon: Slow Hand White Whiskey by Greenbar Collective.