Ari Schwartz wrote a really touching tale from the front lines of a beautiful butterfly battle. War is hell, you guys.

February 2, 2013

The war against the Butters continues. If only we had known before the Color Bomb, what those little fucks were truly planning. Instead, we sat there praising them. Why didn't we see the truth? Some say that Lisa Frank was an inside job by the Butters to desensitize us to their plans, but who knows? Nothing makes sense anymore.

I don't sleep anymore. All I see is Pete getting taken by a swarm. The vivid, beautiful colors enveloping him. Listening to him scream and laugh as the Butters tickled him to death with their harmless little mouth straw thingies. Every time I close my eyes, flashes of color, fluttering wings. I even try imagining Steve Buscemi's face to counteract it all, but nothing works. Damn them. Damn them all— but mostly those bright blue bastards. They're really bright and pretty.

How do you fight an enemy so beautiful?

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