Yesterday, a 54-year-old man who regularly protests outside of an Orgeon-area Planned Parenthood โ€” even though the clinic in question doesn't actually provide abortions โ€” stabbed a 22-year-old pro-choicer's father after she kicked his anti-abortion sign.

According to The Oregonian, he's currently in the hospital with several stab wounds to the abdomen and at least one to the neck.


Again, the Planned Parenthood in question only provides health services, like contraception and cancer screenings โ€” no abortion services whatsoever. Anti-choicers: not only are they horrible and violent, THEY CAN'T EVEN GET IT RIGHT.

Studies have shown an association between draconian state-level abortion legislation and intense harassment of abortion providers. But the neighborhood's residents didn't need studies to know that something was up with Christopher R. Tolhurst, the man who's now in custody for the stabbling incident; they told the AP that he regularly harasses the clinic's patients. One actually said "I had a feeling something like this would happen."

In what world does "pro-life" mean "you should probably stab anyone who challenges your misguided and aggressive attempts at protesting a clinic that, once again, does not actually provide abortions multiple times in the neck and stomach?" Obviously, it goes without saying that his actions would be despicable even if the Planned Parenthood offered abortions. But the stabbing highlights the dangerous risks that some anti-choicers are willing to take, even under circumstances that have little to do with their cause.


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