If you were a girl in the 80s or 90s, odds are you carried some fresh-ass Lisa Frank insanity with pride. Whether it was a unicorn shitting sparkles on your binder or a cracked-out koala bear clinging to a rainbow tree for dear life on your jumbo pencil, this magical shit grabbed our imaginations and our parents' cold hard cash. Well, if you want to relive precious childhood memories, and also really love COLOR!, the bitch is back, and Urban Outfitters, the store you'll never admit you spend all your money in, has gotten their hands on some of her finest deadstock, and are selling it at measly four billion percent markup.

I don't know if there's a more Urban Outfitters thing that Urban Outfitters could do than to bring back Lisa Frank? Well, maybe if they made their own version, Fisa Lank, and then hoarded all the money forever, but honestly, buying all this actually old shit and reselling it is probably just cheaper than stealing ideas. ALLEGEDLY.

The Lisa Frank goodies includes notepads, stickers, and my favorite: JUMBO ERASERS! Like erasers, but huge, colorful, sometimes sparkly, and always extra smelly. Bring them all to me immediately. Or don't, save your money and buy drugs, it's a cheaper high.

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