Dora Breckinridge shares about the time in high school when she witnessed a truly great exchange between a "real cool dude" and a girl who awesomely didn't give a shit about him. It's basically like watching She's All That again, but way more fulfilling:

I remember there used to be a lot of competition amoung guys in my high school to get the most dates with the most different girls one year. One of the popular, "hot guys" went up to a girl in science class one afternoon. She was quiet, kept to herself, never wore makeup, and wasn't necessarily teased, just didn't have a lot of friends. I remember wanting to warn her because I'd heard dude talking to a friend about asking her out to get a point for it, but felt awkward because I didn't know her. Turns out I didn't need to worry. He swaggered over, put his hand on his shoulder, and asked her to go out with him. The look she gave him would have curdled water. She just said, "I don't THINK so," and turned back to her work. The look on his face was AMAZING... you could see it take his brain a good thirty seconds to process what had happened because at the time, despite being a well documented asshole, he had girls left and right dying for him to ask them out. I felt like applauding.

I actually looked her up a while back when I was going through a nostalgic phase. She's teaching now back home in Canada. Looked really happy, been married seven years.

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