The G-Shot, a surgical procedure available at medical centers across the nation, temporarily augments your (oft-debated) G-spot (the founders obviously lie in the "it exists!" camp) with collagen, allegedly engorging it to the size of a quarter and prompting spasms of orgasmic delight that, frankly, sound terrifying.


According to a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-Shot reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification. I was skeptical about those results, because duh, but after reading through some testimonials I'm less concerned about the women who didn't experience the intended results than the women whose injections were successful. For example:

"After my G-Shot I get sexually aroused performing yoga"

"I have quite literally never experienced anything quite like it … I had constant multiple orgasms which went on for hours … That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared. I was so overcome, but thankfully the intensity is something I've got used to. I still have multiple orgasms every time I have sex, but they no longer leave me flat on my back."

"I was riding in the car with my partner and we went on this cobblestone road and I became sexual aroused which lead to uncontrollable laughter…guess what happened next?"

"During my spinning class I have this smile on my face and people think that I am enjoying my workout but actually I am sexually aroused."


The treatment takes 30 minutes, costs around $1,000, and lasts up to four months. But your memories of blacking out during yoga because you got a Botox injection in your vagina will last you a lifetime.

[h/t The Frisky]