Isla Fisher is often cast in the role of silly/crazy party girl, which she consistently pulls off with charming and hilarious aplomb, but you kind of have to wonder if she ever gets sick of the ditzy schtick. It doesn't sound like it from her recent interview with Huffington Post about playing Katie in Bachelorette, a cokehead and "overconfident dumb-dumb" who is "very unhappy underneath her bubbly veneer," according to Fisher who said "there's a lot of pathos to her." But she doesn't think Katie is a deep person, per se:

No, I think Katie's actually stupid. I think she's not bothered to get educated. She feels like the world owes her something. She's part of that Peter Pan generation of people who are just rich, white, entitled, still stuck in high school mentality. And I think when she says that, it's so poignant and tragic. I actually improvised that line. Because it just sums up how sad she really is. I'm sure if she'd applied herself she could be smart, but she's just let herself go with drugs and alcohol.

Fisher also said she loved working with the female-driven cast and that the script is more multilayered than your usual romcom:

And there's no redemption at the end really. You know the girls are just gonna go on ahead carrying on their lives in this meaningless way and not feeling any sense of social responsibility. They're just lost.

The movie's received mixed reviews, but Fisher's thoughts on redemptionless party girls makes me want to check it out.


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