Last night the premiere of Bachelorette took place in Hollywood, California, and the stars — Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan and Kirsten Dunst — looked polished and patriotic in red, white and blue.

Red: Isla Fisher's pretty lace-illusion dress was very simply accessorized with beige pumps and a little bit of bling.

White: Lizzy Caplan seems like she might have stepped right off of the silver screen in the '20s or '30s. Red lips, structured bust, flowy hem, so beautiful. The shoes aren't exactly right, but the glossy little clutch makes up for it.

Blue: Kiki Dunst, what are you wearing? Is it a trench coat? Is it a dress? Is it a jumpsuit? There's no need to choose! It is everything you want it to be and more.

Real talk? She looks great. This bright, cheerful, quirky elegance works for her. Also, she was fantastic in the flick. Intense performance.

Rebel Wilson's little black dress is cute, and her McQueen clutch is hot, but that necklace looks like it's putting a hex on us all. Avert your eyes!

Aly Raisman shows off her gold medal — and her awe-inspiring back muscles — in a sorta-shapeless white pillowcase. The back is so much better than the front.

Director Leslye Headland looks fierce in curve-hugging jet black. Dig the Berlin/Terri Nunn hair.

Ali Larter looks like she's auditioning to be in the road show of Anything Goes, which is fun, so good for her.

James Marsden is dressed as that kid from boarding school you have a crush on and would totally row across the lake in the middle of the night to visit.

Oh, hey. It's your boyfriend Adam Scott. He's kind of hoping you'll straighten his tie for him and then gently rub your knuckles against his stubble. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Don't you just love it when it seems like people on the red carpet are actually having fun?

Images via Getty.