Do me a favor and think back on the days before OkCupid and, the days when online dating was still viewed as a one-way ticket to Murdertown, USA (population: you). Such a quaint time it was! When phones were still mounted to the walls of homes and Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes still walked the Earth among us. Of course, that's all but a hazy memory now. Using the internet to get a date is totally normal and you've probably all but perfected your online dating profile (you love: Franzen, Lost in Translation and learning how to bake. You like to have fun on the weekends, but you're also okay curling up to watch a movie. You're a social drinker open to various religious backgrounds and also #YOLO).

Eventually, that too will be seen as utterly old fashioned — the world is moving forward at a breakneck pace and everyday, the tech nerds behind various dating sites are dreaming up new ways to find you companionship or, at the very least, a chance at touching someone else's private parts. There are sites with elaborate quizzes and algorithms meant to find you the perfect match, there are sites that will set you up on group dates, there are sites that will set you up on totally blind dates, there are sites that forgo dating entirely and introduce you directly to your prospective partner's parents (presumably). There are so many different kinds of dating sites that it makes one wonder whether or not internet dating actually makes things less complicated at all.

After several experts weighed in and determined that most of the quizzes and surveys offered by dating sites do not in fact increase one's chance of finding a match, companies like OkCupid and Match have begun to push forward with a new and revolutionary dating method in which they gather a large group of sexy singles in an establishment with good lighting and alcohol available for purchase. I'm sorry — did I say a new and revolutionary method? What I meant is that they are getting single people drunk at bars. Whaaaaa? Like, without the internet?!

From the New York Times:

The offline events, for members only, are offered as part of their monthly subscription or for a small fee. While many of the events are held in bars, others revolve around activities like learning to make fresh pasta, going on hikes or playing Skee-Ball. Both, a pay service, and OkCupid, which was bought by Match last year but operates independently, are getting behind the offline idea.

Offline dating? What cute and antiquated idea will they think of next? Dating with a chaperone (preferably an older female relative)? Trading letterman jackets? Or — fingers crossed — random makeouts at the Rollerdrome?

I kid, I kid, but seriously — we're all going to die alone.

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Image via Lasse Kristensen/Shutterstock.