Farrah Abraham, the reality star who recently released the worst song in the history of audio recording, has dropped her second single: "On My Own." The video for the track kind of looks like a home movie a mom would take of her kid playing at the park on her iPhone. That's actually exactly what this is, except that Farrah's toddler is not playing at a park—she's playing at a cemetery. They are literally dancing on her father's grave.

It's difficult to say that this is a "song." Her "voice" sounds like a lo-res jpeg. I think that's a style choice, though. And she's owning it. She is definitely the person I associate "screaming under water" with. And there are some words. I'm not sure I'd call them lyrics. They go something like this:

I'm swinging up little one's hand
I'm the push behind the swing
I know everything we wanted
What we strived for
I wish you could be with me
My hopes have dropped
My sadness flares

I can always tell when it's gonna rain, because my sadness starts to flare up.

Farrah Abraham's MUSIC VIDEO DEBUT for new single "On My Own" [ONTD]

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