It's hard out here for a peep(ing tom). Gone are the days when one could plant a hidden camera in a mall dressing room or watch a neighbor take a shower and be written off as a run-of-the-mill perv. Now, if deviants unintentionally witness some underage nudity, they're in big trouble with the law. Or at least, according to two separate incidents this week.

The first was a hidden camera that was uncovered in a Gap dressing room in Orange County, CA. A female employee discovered the equipment—hidden in a picture frame and obscured by black tape—when she was changing her clothes. Investigators with the Orange County Child Exploitation Task Force have taken the camera and are on the case. It's not known why that particular agency has taken the lead in the investigation, but it's possible that law enforcement officials were concerned about the ages of the customers who have used the dressing room, as well as the age of the female employee who had discovered the camera while changing.


Across the country, in Salem, MA, a 44-year-old man was arrested after it was discovered that he had camped out for two days beneath a woman's mobile home, watching and taping her while she used the bathroom as he repeatedly masturbated. (He was found with food, beverages, and tissues.) Christian Hobbs sold the woman the trailer a few years back and had apparently cut holes in the vents to the bathroom to allow himself access to view her undressing and taking a shower.

Since some of the 16 one-minute videos he made of the woman included her naked two-year-old son, Hobbs was charged with manufacture of child porn, in addition to wiretapping, prowling, trespass, and burglary.

Image via Ma Spitz/Shutterstock

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