A woman who works in the tech industry tipped us off to clidate.io, a new online dating service for people who spend most of their day in the Linux terminal. Well, not people. Man people.

Sure, the website offers a drop down menu of dating options that includes both men and women, but the site makes its intentions clear with its tagline: "cute girls and smart engineers." The website's title is even more direct, although slightly less barf-inducing: "Meet Women in the Linux Shell." Click on the site and you'll see a bevy of women smiling at you as they float by your screen.

The gimmick is that the site is an extension of work — you can actually online date through the command line — but all of the info seems to be taken directly from OKCupid. Hey, do you think the women — sorry, we mean "cute girls" — know their photos and info are being scraped for non-users to gawk at?