It seemed as if our little Ribrab Patterstein had emerged a phoenix from the ashes when he appeared on the Daily Show this past Monday with his posh suit, neat hair and charmingly self-deprecating attitude, but sadly things are not looking so bright and new after his second post-Krimsy Stewball breakup interview, which occurred on GMA this morning.

Whereas on the Daily Show, RPatz was looking so fresh and so clean, his Good Morning America appearance — with his greasy messy hair (reminiscent of Pattinson's early Twilight days) and bleary eyes — was decidedly less so. Sure, you could chalk this up to him probably being exhausted after a days of press, the opening of his new movie and all the tabloid dramz, but why do that when you can instead attribute it to a night spent lying awake and crying in a beautiful hotel suite à la Britney Spears in "Lucky"?

Of course, most the blame for the interview goes to GMA who tried relentlessly to both capture the relaxed tone of Robert's Daily Show appearance while, at the same time, pandering to their own less sophisticated audience. Whereas Jon Stewart gave Pattinson ice cream, a food synonymous with breakups, GMA provided him with breakfast cereal, a food synonymous with, what, doing well on a test? (They do realize that the joke isn't just Robert Pattinson eating things, right?) George Stephanopoulos, bless his heart, took his best shot at creating bro-y rapport ("Everybody wants to know — how are you doing?"), but Pattinson refused yield, responding to the softball questions mostly with rambling non sequiturs, but one very curt "I'm not interested in selling my personal life."

Fair enough, Robsy. Fair enough.

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Robert Pattinson Not 'Interested in Selling Personal Life' [GMA]