After she was named in a "reverse sexism" lawsuit on Friday, New York city corrections commissioner Dora Schriro, who was allegedly promoted to her current position over James Hayes owing to her friendship with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, appeared in the papers again today, expatiating on her homemade pasta recipe for a New York Times' "Sunday Routine" feature. Schriro doesn't confine herself to pasta, however — she's a fan of sundry other meals, such as pancakes. She also enjoys The Good Wife, in case you were wondering.

New York Magazine's Sarah Bennett helpfully points out what an amusing coincidence the "Sunday Routine" piece is, since it obviously makes no mention of the lawsuit, and that's pretty much the only thing readers are interested in since Friday's news. Let's all share a Sunday chuckle at the serendipitous nature of the 24-news cycle, and perhaps remind ourselves that, though the phrase "reverse sexism" is clearly meant to distinguish the anomalous nature of sexism negatively affecting a man's career prospects, withholding a promotion from someone simply because of their gender (which is something Napolitano has only been accused of doing) is pretty fucked up, and, one way or another, is just sexism, no modifier needed.

Office Named in Dept. of Homeland Security Reverse Sexism Suit Admits to Making Pasta [NY Mag]