Amway, the Michigan-based purveyor of fine, consumer-pleasing clutter, has been linked to the National Organization for Marriage, one of country's most vocal advocates against same-sex marriage. Amway's proximity to NOM has spurred Fred Karger, the president of LGBT activist group Rights Equal Rights, to call for a boycott of the Amway, which could prove pretty hard for the average person to do considering that Amway has its fingers in everything from cleaning products, to jewelry, to the NBA (Amway has the naming rights to the Orlando Magic's professional playpen).

In 2009, the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation — Douglas DeVos is Amway's president — donated a cool $500,000 to NOM. That three-year-old donation prompted Karger to announce an Amway boycott on Friday. He linked the company to Chick-fil-A, and explained that NOM, like the Christian chicken-breast peddler, "constantly defends anti-LGBT companies." The DeVoses reminded everyone that Amway itself hasn't taken an official company stance on the marriage issue — only the DeVoses have, and, they would have the general public know, expressing "personal beliefs as a participant in the democratic process" is "one of the highest callings of any individual." Having an opinion and expressing it is one of the highest callings, everyone, even if that means expressing stupid opinions, like that Pierce Brosnan was good in the Mamma Mia! movie, or that McDonald's doesn't clearly serve the best fries.

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