Welcome to Day 2 of our Olympic Thighlight coverage. In today's roundup, we'll be covering the arms of rowers, the abs of divers, the legs of tennis players and all the body parts and events in between. Don't be sad for those who didn't get the gold. When it comes to thighlights, everyone's a winner!

Angie Winstanley-Smith, Great Britain, Water Polo

Aleksandra Wozniak, Canada, Women's Singles Tennis

Andy Murray, Great Britain, Men's Singles Tennis

Beni Bertrand Binobagira, Burundi, Men's 100m Freestyle

Betsey Armstrong, USA, Women's Water Polo

Candace Parker, USA, Women's Basketball

Daniyar Ismayilov, Turkmenistan, Men's 69kg Weightlifting

Men's 400m

Hamadou Djibo Issaka, Niger, Men's Single Sculls

John Orozco, USA, Artistic Gymnastics

Jose Antonio Guerra and Jeinkler Aguirre, Cuba, Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Diving

Kazushige Ura and Daisaku Takeda, Japan, Lightweight Men's Double Sculls

Laura Ludwig, Germany, Beach Volleyball

Kristin Hedstrom and Julia Nichols, USA, Women's Double Sculls

Missy Franklin, USA, Women's 100m Backstroke

Natsumi Hoshi, Japan, Women's 200m Butterfly

Ole Bischof of Germany (in white), Islam Bozbayev of Kazakhstan, Judo

Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera, Colombia, Men's 62kg Weightlifting

Philipp Petzschner, Germany, Men's Singles Tennis

Team USA, Men's Water Polo

Ryo Tateishi, Japan, Men's 200m Breaststroke

Samuel Mikulak, USA, Artistic Gymnastics

Sean Rosenthal, USA, Beach Volleyball

Shea Buckner, USA, Men's Water Polo

Shelley Russell of South Africa (L) and Gemma Flynn of New Zealand, Women's Field Hockey

Sho Sotodate and Chiaki Ishibashi, Japan, Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle

Team USA, Rowing

Tatsuma Ito, Japan, Men's Singles Tennis

Yaroslava Shvedova, Kazakhstan, Women's Singles Tennis

Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang, China, 10m Platform Diving

Venus Williams, USA Women's Singles Tennis

Yuliya Kalina, Ukraine, Women's 58kg Weightlifting

Brenda Villan, USA, Women's Water Polo

Zoe Smith, Great Britain, Women's 58kg Weightlifting

Jesse Smith, USA, Men's Water Polo