While watching this commercial for Mornings™ "gourmet" cat food from Fancy Feast, my eyes bugged out of my head. Did she just make a FRITTATA for her CAT? Sorta! It's an "entrée" with "garden veggies and egg." Some things of note:

The dude's face: I have morning wood, but I guess we're not gonna do anything about it.

The entrĂŠe is served in a ramekin.


This cat is having a nicer meal that I have had all week. Parsley! Cloth napkin! Bud vase.


In conclusion, it is awesome how the guy* is a mere prop in the commercial, just to make the point: It's not that she can't get a man… But her pussy comes first.


*(Yes, I know that this is part of a series and these are the same two who had a Fancy Feast wedding.)